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I am Marc Johnston. I serve as the Team Stragetist for the Church and Community Ministries Team. Chaplancy Ministries is part of my responsibility. We developed our Website to meet your needs. Please contact me, if I can assist you.

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2013 Florida Baptist Annual Chaplans Conference

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Touching Lives! Insuring Hope! Sharing Jesus!

Disaster Relief Chaplains make a difference in the lives of survivors and responders.  This year during the morning session at each Disaster Relief Regional Training, we are encouraging every Chaplain to attend the “Chaplain’s Connection Class”.  This class will, also, be for new trainees.  This will be a time to discuss expectations, learn requirements and certification process, readiness to debrief volunteers, recommended reading and additional training opportunities.  Most importantly, this will be a time to get to know the other Chaplains in your region.

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CISM Training

September 4 - FBC, Merritt Island

September 5-6 - Eastside Baptist Church, Marianna



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