+ Minimum of six months experience (10 hours per week) in an active chaplain volunteer ministry

+ Minimum of 20 hours of training from one or more of the following:

NAMB Chaplains Conferences

Association of Professional Chaplains

Seminary Extension

Life Way Christian Resources

Local FBC Association Chaplaincy Training

FBC Chaplancy Training

Specialized Training In Specific Chaplaincy Positions

Introductory Clinical Pastoral Training (CPT)

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

Pastoral Counseling Courses

NOVA, CISM or OSFA Training

FBC Emergency Services Training

NAMB Chaplains Course


Additional Requirements:

DR Chaplaincy Additional Requirements

Letter of recommendation from your pastor

Letter from supervisor validating 6 months service as a chaplain volunteer

Statement of your commitment


NOTE: Only Florida Baptist chaplains may apply for certification.

Certification Application

Please forward a digital picture with your application to