Disaster Relief Spiritual Care Mission Statement

Touching Lives!  Insuring Hope!  Sharing Jesus!
Florida Baptist Spiritual Care team members seek to comfort and encourage all who are affected by a disaster.  We introduce hope by sharing the gospel as we encourage survivors to overcome the ravages of the disaster and to reach out for assistance and support as they rebuild their lives.

Disaster Relief Spiritual Care Group

Florida Baptist Spiritual Care Group is made up of three teams:  Prayer Team, Barnabas Team and Chaplain Team.  Prayer Team is coordinated by Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Team.  Barnabas Team is coordinated by the Chaplain Team and Evangelism Group.  Barnabas Team requirements include completing DR Orientation and the Spiritual Care (Barnabas) Class.  The Church & Communities Ministries Team coordinates the Chaplain Team.  A volunteer, recruited by the CCM Team, serves as State DR Chaplaincy Coordinator.  All DR Chaplains are expected to be certified.

Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Requirements

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Information Regarding Six Months Experience

Since disasters are not an everyday occurrence, it may be difficult for you to receive six months experience as a Disaster Relief Chaplain.  First of all, we do recommend you serving as a Chaplain in another area to get you started.  This may not be possible in your situation.  If not, you can get experience by responding to a disaster.  You will be teamed with a Chaplain.  A disaster relief response can be very intense.  During one callout, you could receive 8-10 weeks’ worth of experience.