Chaplain Frank Jassir's Ministry


It was sometime in November 2012 when I had completed the day at the Community Health Center, said “good-bye,” and walked out to the waiting room where I saw a person I had spoken to before. I greeted her and inquired about the reason she was there.  She was in need of dental assistance for her toothache. She had broken her two front-teeth, and she did not have any insurance to assist her or economic support for the cost of the dental work needed. The Clinic currently was not providing the type of assistance she needed due to the lack of dentists. The clinic was unable to provide medication or temporary assistance for her. We prayed.  She was content for the time provided and assistance she received. 

While keeping in mind what I had heard from this woman, I prayed and asked the LORD for direction and one of the dentists that had assisted at the clinic in the past came to my mind. I looked up the dentist’s phone number for the woman, and I suggested she contact the office.

A couple weeks later she called me on my cell to tell me the dentist was going to see her, and she called again after seeing the dentist.  He was able to help her despite her financial situation; “It’s all done, and without the burden of a large bill” is what she said to me.  She sang praises for what was done for her.

The irony, and now an inside laugh amongst the clinic staff, is that it was almost Christmas when she got her two front teeth!
Now, Christmas 2012 is a story among our clinic of a woman who received her two front teeth for Christmas, and the woman and the staff enjoy this wonderful story.
In all reality, this story is due to the LORD’s guidance and from learning to do what we as Chaplain’s need-to-do strongly. We need to listen to people and think beyond the limitations that sometimes may occur. Pray and seek as it is said: “ask and you shall find”.  Have no fear in what we can-not-do, but seek to serve for HIM.

In the end, the woman we helped was a member at the same church I attend. She was looking for areas to serve, and she was connected with Chaplain Services.
She is now serving at a Nursing Home as the LORD confirmed for her that she needed to be there. This is a great opportunity to share an event of how the LORD uses all his sheep to accomplish the task without fear.