child prayingPrayer Requests

Please share your prayer requests with us and we will list them here for all to pray.


 We received the following request from Rolla Marlatt. Please pray for her and her family.

My mother passed away earlier this afternoon. She had been taken to the hospital early yesterday for a severe colon infection. They did surgery yesterday evening to remove her colon. She came thru the surgery reasonably good. The doctor said it was that or nothing. The infection had spread to her bloodstream.

This basically caused a shut down of her organs. She was basically on life support when she went to cardiac arrest. Her heart was too weak to over the infection and resulting complications. She had been in a rehabilitation facility for a fractured pelvis which did not require surgery. She had fallen at home about 2 weeks ago. She was doing good with her rehab. The infection started to affect her with rather mild symptoms on Thursday. She was feeling a little nausus but she got worse early yesterday morning. The family and I are holding up good God has provided his peace which passeth all understanding. Have Blessed Week

Rolla Marlatt