Book Reports


The First 48 Hours
Spiritual Caregivers as First Responders
By Jennifer S. Cisney and Kevin Ellers

Over the last few years Florida Baptists have taken the Emergency Services Chaplaincy Training and the Barnabas Training in preparation for hurricane season.  These courses have prepared many to serve as spiritual caregivers.  The First 48 Hours brings these classes to life through illustrations and affirmation of content.  The goal of the authors is for “this book to serve as a practical guide to help you serve others in times of crisis, trauma and loss in the early aftermath of critical incidents.”  The Power of Presence, Assessment, Practical Assistance and Educating Survivors are only a few of the many helpful chapters in this brief but packed book.  The First 48 Hours is a must read for all Disaster Relief and Public Safety Chaplains.


The Shack by William P. Young.

The Shack is a fictional story that packs a powerful message. The author wrote the book for his six children. However, his friends said it needed to be published....400,000 books later, recommendations to read it are still flourishing.
This book is the kind that most will try to read in one setting. The author introduces the main character, Mack, in his introduction. Although fictional, the story is all to true and the abuse of Mack's youth may be difficult for some as it may trigger suppressed memories. However, pressing on may bring true healing.
The first part of the book leads the reader through the details of Mack and his family's experience of a great tragedy. The later part is Mack's experience with God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This part should provoke much soul searching.
We too often get too comfortable with the box where we have placed God. Yet, at the same time, not comfortable with God. Questions plaque us: why does God allow the injustices, why the abuse, why disease...and so many more.
It is my belief that this book will enable the reader to rise and draw closer to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.


Dear Florida Baptist Chaplains Network:

Just a quick note to let you know about new book I wrote. My book,The Fort Living Room Transition Course, may come in handy for anyone considering a career outside the military.

The Fort Living Room Transition Course is ideal for anyone who:

* plans to retire from the military.

* served in the National Guard or Reserves and returned from deployment to unemployment.

* received a medical discharge and had to leave the military prematurely.

* reached all of their personal goals and plans to enter the civilian workforce.

My late Father was an Army Chaplain and I dedicated this book to him.

You may have a friend that needs support during military-to-civilian career transition. I appreciate you sharing information about my book to anyone you might think can benefit. I lived this myself and my Wife encouraged me to share this with others in book form, in order to make their decision/transition easier.

Please check out

You can watch the videos and learn more. You can order a copy of The Fort Living Room Transition Course - prepared military for civilian success!, by clicking on the picture of the book. This will take you to the Tate Publishing website. The book costs only $16.99
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Enjoy the book!


Charles "Chazz" Pratt III