Florida Baptist Chaplaincy Certification Requirements

Why Certification? Facility administrators sometime require credentials, which validate the training the chaplain receives. Without the training, facility administrators question credibility and ability to function in their facility. They want trained chaplains they trust and feel confident will perform with integrity.

If you do not desire certification or need credentials, you will still be counted as part of the Florida Baptist Chaplains Network. However, you will not receive a Florida Baptist Chaplain’s badge or certificate.

Special Note: Only Florida Baptist chaplains may be certified.


1. Complete the Chaplains Basic Application.

2. Complete a total of 20 hours of Chaplaincy Training from the following resources:

FBC Chaplaincy Online Courses

Complete CISM or Stress First Aid (SFA)

NAMB Chaplaincy Courses

Chaplaincy courses offered by your local hospital or other chaplaincy organizations

Any course which will enhance you and develop your ministry skills

3. Complete six months experience - 10 hours per week

4. Two letters of recommendation:

a) Pastor or DOM

b) Person documenting six months experience

5. Complete background check:

The Florida Baptist Convention implemented an updated protocol for all its employees and volunteers. All convention staff and volunteers will be required to submit to a background check conducted by "Protect My Ministry". There will be no blanket exceptions to the new policy and protocol. If you have been through a background check or other screenings, you are still required to undergo the "Protect My Ministry" background check. The Florida Baptist Convention appreciates the cooperation of all employees and volunteers.

Background checks required by all certified chaplains - $15 fee

Instructions: Go to https://www.ministryopportunities.org/Details.aspx?oid=29015

6. Complete Certification Application