Stress First Aid

“OSFA is a flexible, multi-step process for the timely assessment and preclinical care of stress reactions or injuries in individuals or units with the goals to preserve life, prevent further harm, and promote recovery.”

North American Mission Board requires CISM, NOVA or OSFA Training for Disaster Relief Chaplains.  Florida Baptist Chaplaincy has offered CISM in the past and will offer it in the future.  Several Chaplains believe OSFA is more practical and easier to use than CISM.


Last April, several Chaplains and other individuals were certified to teach OSFA.  For Chaplains, a 16 hour workshop is offered.  Key leadership training takes about 2½ hours and designed for leadership in Disaster Relief, such as “blue hats”.  The training can, also, be used effectively with law enforcement officers and school teachers.  The training would be appropriate for anyone who serves as a leader and deals with stress.

Certified instructors with e-mail addresses are listed for your benefit.  Please contact one of them, if you are interested in setting up an OSFA Training for your church, association, county or region.  Feel free to call our office (904) 596-3113 for phone numbers of the certified teachers.

David Drake serves as Director of Missions in Northeast Florida Baptist Association and Senior Chaplain for Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.  He led the OSFA Key Leadership training at the Annual Chaplains Conference on November 11, 2012.  Click here for video of training