A Personal Testimony

India Seafarer Shares Appreciation for Chaplains

I being a crew member of Carnival Fascination for the last 3 years thoroughly enjoyed our church ministries who come on board every Jacksonville.
I observed that all crew members no matter what country or religion they are from enjoy the ministries.  They are so helpful to us in so many different ways.  And is always eager to know our problems, our health and are willing to share joy and happiness with them.  They make every crew member very comfortable.
As far as I am concerned my experience with ministries was so touching for me.  One day I was working in the Crewmess and I had a terrible toothache, one of the ministries walked up to me and asked me what happened, you look in pain, so I told her that reason.  And after 15 minutes she brought me a tube of medicine to apply on my tooth without me knowing about it, or not even asking for money for the medicine that incident shook me apart and from that day I wait for every Jacksonville just to see our great loving, amazing caries, fun loving ministries with lots of  candies.
Please keep it up, we need you,

Crew Member from India
Carnival Fascination


This is a picture of Chaplain Williams and Chaplain Mace with a seafarer aboard the Fascination.